Norway Arbitration

Norway is a Contracting State to the ICSID Convention:

  • Signature: 24 June 1966 
  • Deposit of Ratification: 16 August 1967
  • Entry into Force: 15 September 1967
  • Pursuant to Article 54(2) of the ICSID Convention, Norway has designated “Namsmannen (Bailiff)” as competent for the recognition and enforcement of ICSID awards.
  • Pursuant to Article 69 of the ICSID Convention, Norway enacted the Act of June 8, 1967, relating to the implementation of the Convention of March 18, 1965 on the Settlement of Investment Disputes Between States and Nationals of Other States (Off. Gaz. I (1967), p. 23, reprinted Off. Gaz. II (1967), p.415) to make the Convention effective in their jurisdiction.
  • Pursuant to Article 13(1) of the ICSID Convention Norway has made the following panel designations effective until 17 October 2011:
    - Mr. Rolf Einar FIFE: Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    - Prof. Ola MESTAD: Attorney
    - Justice Rakel SURLIEN: District Court
    - Ms. Siri TEIGUM: Attorney
    - Justice Gunnar AASLAND: Supreme Court
    - Justice Trond DOLVA: Supreme Court
    - Judge Per TRESSELT: EFTA Court
    - Ms. Bjørn VEN: Attorney

Norway is a Contracting State to the New York Convention:

  • Date of Accession: 14 March 1961
  • Entry into Force: 12 June 1961
  • Norway will only apply the New York Convention to the recognition and enforcement of awards made in the territory of another contracting state
  • Norway will not apply the Convention to differences where the subject matter of the proceedings is immovable property situated in the State, or a right in ot to such

Norway is a Contracting State to both the 1899 & 1907 Convention for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes:

  • 1899 Entry into Force: 4 September 1900
  • 1907 Entry into Force: 18 November 1910

In 2004, Norway enacted legislation based on the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration as adopted in 1985 and is therefore now popularly considered to be an UNCITRAL Model Law State

Norway is a United Nations Member State:

  • Date of Admission: 27 November 1945

Official State Name: Kingdom of Norway - Kongeriket Norge - Kongeriket Noreg

Official Language: Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk)

Recognised Regional Languages: Northern Sami, Lule Sami, Kven and Southern Sami

Capital: Oslo

Motto: Alt for Norge ("Everything for Norway") 1814 Eidsvoll oath: Enig og tro til Dovre faller ("United and loyal until the mountains of Dovre crumble")

Currency: Norwegian krone (NOK)

Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)

International Calling Code: +47

Internet TLD: .no

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