Luxembourg Arbitration

Luxembourg is a Contracting State to the ICSID Convention:

  • Signature: 28 September 1965 
  • Deposit of Ratification: 30 July 1970
  • Entry into Force: 29 August 1970
  • Pursuant to Article 54(2) of the ICSID Convention, Luxembourg has designated “Tribunal d’arrondissement” as competent for the recognition and enforcement of ICSID awards.
  • Pursuant to Article 69 of the ICSID Convention, Luxembourg enacted Loi du 8 avril 1970 portant approbation de la Convention pour le règlement des différends relatifs aux investissements entre Etats et ressortissants d’autres Etats, en date à Washington, du 18 mars 1965 (Off. Gaz. A, No. 25, May 9, 1970, p. 536) to make the Convention effective in their jurisdiction.
  • Pursuant to Article 13(1) of the ICSID Convention Luxembourg has made the following panel designations effective until 14 January 2008:
    - Mr. Philippe DUPONT: Attorney-at-Law
    - Mr. Steve JACOBY: Attorney-at-Law
    - Mr. Alex SCHMITT: Attorney-at-Law
    - Mr. Marc SEIMETZ: Attorney-at-Law

Luxembourg is a Contracting State to the New York Convention:

  • Signature: 11 November 1958
  • Deposit of Ratification: 9 September 1983
  • Entry into Force: 8 December 1983
  • Luxembourg will only apply the New York Convention to the recognition and enforcement of awards made in the territory of another contracting state

Luxembourg is a Contracting State to both the 1899 & 1907 Convention for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes:

  • 1899 Entry into Force: 12 July 1901
  • 1907 Entry into Force: 4 November 1912

Luxembourg is a United Nations Member State:

  • Date of Admission: 24 October 1945

Official State Name: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - Großherzogtum Luxemburg - Grand-Duché de Luxembourg - Groussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg

Official Language: Luxembourgish (de jure since 1984), French, German

Capital: Luxembourg

Motto: "Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn" (Luxembourgish), "We want to remain what we are"

Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)

Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)

International Calling Code: +352

Internet TLD: .lu

 Location of  Luxembourg  (dark green)– on the European continent  (green & dark grey)– in the European Union  (green)  —  [Legend]

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