Lebanon Arbitration

Lebanon is a Contracting State to the ICSID Convention:

  • Signature: 26 March 2003 
  • Deposit of Ratification: 26 March 2003
  • Entry into Force: 25 April 2003
  • Pursuant to Article 13(1) of the ICSID Convention Lebanon has made the following panel designations effective until *27 November 2014; **6 July 2016; ***4 July 2017:
    *Dr. Abdel Hamid EL-AHDAB: Attoney-at-Law
    **Dr. Ghaleb S. MAHMASSANI: Attorney-at-Law
    **Dr. Nathalie NAJJAR: Attorney-at-Law; Lecturer, Saint-Joseph University
    ***Dr. Nayla COMAIR-OBEID: Professor of International Commercial Arbitration  Law, Lebanese University

Lebanon is a Contracting State to the New York Convention:

  • Date of Accession: 11 August 1998
  • Entry into Force: 9 November 1998
  • Lebanon will only apply the New York Convention to the recognition and enforcement of awards made in the territory of another contracting state

Lebanon is a Contracting State to both the 1899 & 1907 Convention for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes:

  • 1899 Entry into Force: 14 February 1968
  • 1907 Entry into Force: 14 April 1968

Lebanon is a United Nations Member State:

  • Date of Admission: 24 Otober 1945

Official State Name: Republic of Lebanon - République libanaiseal - Jumhūrīyah al-Lubnānīyah - اَلْجُمْهُورِيَّة اَللُّبْنَانِيَّة

Official Languages: Arabic, French (Conditional, Article 11 of the Constitution of Lebanon)

Capital: Beirut

Currency: Lebanese pound (LBP)

Time Zone: EET (UTC+2)

International Calling Code: +961

Internet TLD: .lb

Location of Lebanon

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